happy to be rejected - or how to reap the rewards of a rejection

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2. antioch = $2

I kept on getting rejection letters to jobs, gallery exhibitions, and artist residencies. Getting these rejection letters is nothing new to me (artists have got to have a thick skin to survive), but I was tired of getting the same ole same ole boring generic junk that floods my inbox and never does my bank account well. I cashed in the $4 I won from the last scratchcard and bought enough to allow me some cheap thrills every time I get a rejection letter, whether by email or physical mail. I won my money back on this one.

1. eou = $4

I received this lotto card from a neighbor, who gave scratchcards to all his neighbors for being awesome, and decided to save it as a consolation prize if I don't get hired by a certain institution after a campus interview (yay academic jobs!). That was two full months of waiting! After receiving a generic HR rejection letter, it felt so good to win $4.