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Friday, November 7, 2014

Cash Pot - fees from job applications = $25

As if searching and applying for a job is not work enough, folks in the arts have to pay for portfolio submission fees. The past two applications I submitted came with a fee via Slideroom. You can say that digital applications take out the printing and mailing costs of art job applications, but you've got to wonder why each application submitted via Slideroom for a certain institution needs to have a $15 fee attached to it (would the $15x200=$2100 go to pay for the institution's entire year's worth of Slideroom fees? or to the government pro-rated workstudies that organize the files to present the committee?). Whatever the answer may be, I'm foreseeing a large amount of money being spent this year for applications.

To make it more interesting, I'm starting a Cash Pot that matches the fees I pay for each application. The Cash Pot will be used to buy more scratchies (in case I have a streak of bad luck where the money spent on scratchies are not recuperated).

Cash Pot - Count Up

U Penn - $10
Salisbury U - $15
TOTAL: $25

December 2014
- $8 on new Scratchies

March 2015
- $6 on new Scratchies
Balance: $11

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