happy to be rejected - or how to reap the rewards of a rejection

Saturday, May 9, 2015

life is peachy - "take the opportunity to pilfer a goat" - enemy dealing stratagem

Sure, there has been a lot of rejections lately (the losses of which I have yet to post), but there have been a lot of grand developments as well. I've been accepted in a couple shows, written about, and have been busy with a few side projects. Life is peachy. Rejection lotto just doesn't have the room to rave about the real rewards.

Something I keep in mind with all these rejections is - ask 10 people to buy something and you'll get nine nos and one yes. My odds aren't that great, but you get the idea. To get that acceptance, there must be a large margin of rejections. I cash in on these rejections by playing the lottery. So although the tone of my posts may sometimes seem dejected and morose, it is anything but! I encourage all my random readers to go out there and reward yourself with a lottery scratchy if you got a rejection. REAP THE REJECTION!

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